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About Us

sam belvedereSam Belvedere has been a successful commercial grower and grazier for over 25 years.

He began his first farming venture in South Gippsland, Victoria, with an ancient Massey Ferguson tractor and a leased paddock. His mother and several aunts and friends hand-picked the choice plump peas, and he soon gained a reputation for first class product in the Melbourne Wholesale Market. He was also a premium beef producer and his live cattle consistently brought the highest prices at the South Gippsland Auctions.

Sam was one of the first farmers to grow snow peas in Australia. As his business expanded he shipped his produce daily to Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane wholesale markets. Sam's vision and leadership eventually led to the formation of Select Produce Pty Ltd, a co-operative of major snow pea producers in the South Gippsland area.

Select Produce was soon awarded supply national contracts from Coles, Safeway and Woolworths due to the high quality and consistent supply of produce. In 1999 Sam set up and managed a winter snow pea production facility for Select Produce at the Neilsen Farm at Kalbar (Boonah) in South-East Queensland.

By late 2003 the drought and subsequent cutbacks in water allocations made this farm non-viable, and the company decided to move the operation to Bundaberg in Central Queensland. Sam elected not to relocate his family and seized the opportunity to change direction. He was always interested in the concept of hydroponic crop production, and his purchase of the Mount Nathan farm in the Gold Coast Hinterland meant he could put away the tractors for good and grow crops in an efficient, water wise and environmentally friendly manner.

MicroHerbs.com.au supplies fresh microherbs to restaurants and other retail food outlets in Queensland (Qld) and New South Wales (NSW), and is currently expanding into other states of Australia and overseas. The family-run business prides itself on supplying the highest quality microherbs in a professional and timely manner.

To take a look at our current range of microherbs, please click on Microherbs Product List.